Call a Plumber If Your Sewer Line is Blocked By Debris or Roots

A blocked sewer line can give out a smelly odor that is unbearable. The foul odor can quickly be developed within a short while of the sewer getting clogged. As soon as you notice the foul odor, you should quickly get it cleared to prevent the line from getting bust. Clearing a blocked sewer can be troublesome and you will find it more convenient to hire a plumber for the task.Call a Plumber If Your Sewer Line is Blocked By Debris or Roots

To avoid too many expenses, you must be alert in watching for signs of a clogged sewer line. The easiest sign is that your drains are flowing slowly as if there is something creating a blockage. A malfunctioned toilet is another symptom that the sewer line is clogged. When you flush, the water comes up to the tub or shower drain. The same problem can happen when the washing machine is draining.

Sometimes, the toilet may also gurgle when you open the tap of the bathroom sink. Leaking at the base of the toilet can also be a hint that there is a major blockage in the main sewer line. Leaking can be caused by tree roots in the toilet drain or broken flange. It can be difficult to inspect the drain yourself especially if it is large and dark. On the other hand, a plumber can use a sewer camera to determine the problem that is causing blockage to the sewer system of your home.

The sewer camera is effective for identifying what is causing the stoppage issues. With the sewer camera, the plumber can find out if the clogging in the drain is caused by issues such as tree roots in the pipe, cracked pipe, and accumulation of mud. Sewage cameras can also be a secondary tool for locating leaks. For leaking problem, leak detection instruction is the best way for inspecting the sewer line.

Usually, the plumber will first try to insert an auger or snakeline into the sewer line and see if he can break apart the clog. The snakeline is pushed through the blockage with the help of a heavy-duty cable and motor. If it doesn’t work, he will attempt to use a pressure water jet to remove the buildup. Hydro jetting is the best solution for sewer lines that are in good shape.

If the root come up at the toilet bowl, the plumber will have to remove the toilet bowl to cut through the roots. If your pipe is infested with heavy roots and you have them cleared, chances are the roots will grow back again. You can fix this problem by having a plumber install the epoxy sewer pipelining. The result is that you will have an even more durable pipe that can last for over 50 years.